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Small-Type Movable Co-Extrusion Plastic Extruder

Plastic Extruder for Laboratory, ABS Profile Extruding Equipment, Small Extrusion Machine, Plastic Pipe Extruder

The laboratory extruder is suitable for processing polyolefin materials like PVC, PP, PE, PS, and ABS. Extrusion of different plastic pipes, profiles, sheets, and pellets, as well as co-extrusion of pipe markers can be realized with different molds and auxiliary devices equipped. The specially-designed spur gear and diversified barrel structure makes the plastic extruder applicable in the extrusion of different materials. The extrusion machine features high processing accuracy and excellent plasticizing effect.

The co-extrusion plastic extruder is equipped with a portable reliable electronic control cabinet, which is specially designed with a removable universal wheel for convenient operation. Height of the cabinet is adjustable. This plastic extrusion machine is an ideal for university laboratories.

Small Conical Twin Screw Plastic Extruder
Applications: PVC, small products, co-extrusion, laboratory

Technical Parameters
Model Screw Diameter Output Drive motor power Screw Speed
Z-SJSZ20/40 20mm/40mm 2-8kg/hr 2.2kw 0-60r/min
Z-SJSZ35/80 35mm/80mm 45kg/hr 7.5kw 0-27.88r/min

Small Single Screw Plastic Extruder

  • Removable universal wheel with the height adjustable

  • Reliable electronic control

Model L/D Output Drive motor power Screw Speed
Z-SJ25 25:1 5kg/hr 1.5kw 10-45r/min
Z-SJ30 25:1 1-10kg/hr 2.2kw 10-40r/min

Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruder
Applications: for formulation tests of PE/PP/PVC/ABS and other modified materials, and sample production

Technical Parameters
Model L/D Output Drive motor power Screw speed
Z-SHJ20 40:1 2-15kg/hr 4kw 60-500r/min
Z-SHJ35 32-52:1 20-50kg/hr 11-22kw 20-180r/min
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