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PVC/WPC Pelletizing Machine

PVC Granule Making Machine, WPC Pellet Making Machine, Wood Plastic Composite Pelletizing Machine

  • Plastic pelletizing line for PVC/WPC

  • Plastic pelletizing line for PVC/WPC

  • Extrusion head and pelletizer

This PVC/WPC pelletizing line consists of conical twin-screw extruder, conical twin screw extruder, pelletizing die head, and stainless steel air cooling device. The die discharging board is made from high-quality alloy steel, 38GrMOALA, and has accepted gas nitriding treatment for high mold durability. The mold case is precisely processed with forged 45 # steel. A uniform extrusion result can be reached with the reasonably-arranged flow channel.

The precision elastic cutter is set to ensure that the section is smooth, and to extend the life of the plastic granulator. With stepless variable speed motor, the plastic pelletizer runs stably and is competent in meeting various speed requirements in different pelletizing process. The unique stainless steel cooling structure, the cyclone separation and cooling system, as well as the combination of several powerful fans, have strongly guaranteed quality of the extruded plastic.

The WPC/PVC plastic pelletizing line is mainly applicable in the pelletizing process of PVC powder or fillers. The extruded plastic particles are compact, uniform and aesthetic. Auxiliary devices of the pelletizing line include die face cutting, air blowing system for material transport, and vibration separation, supporting a high automation and productivity.

Acceptable materials: PVC, WPC powder, and other additives

  • PVC granules

  • Transparent PVC granules (hard)

  • Transparent PVC granules (soft)

Technical Parameters for Modified PVC Pelletizing
Model Screw size (mm) Pellet size (mm) Main motor power (kw) Output (kgs)
Z-SJSZ55 55/110 Ф3-4 22 40-180
Z-SJSZ65 65/132 Ф3-4 37 50-250
Z-SJSZ80 80/156 Ф3-4 55 200-400
Z-SJSZ92 92/188 Ф3-4 110 300-750
Technical Parameters for WPC Pelletizing
Model MSSZ97 MSSZ115 MSSZ145
Screw speed 1-36r/min
Total Installed capacity 48KW 72KW 100KW
Max. Extrusion capacity 50-220kg/h 150-360kg/h 400-600kg/h
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