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UPVC Pipe Extrusion Line

Water Pipe Extruding Equipment, UPVC Pipe Extruder, Extruding Machinery for Large Diameter PVC Pipe, Plastic Pipe Extruder

  • Plastic extrusion line for UPVC water supply pipe

  • Die for large-diameter PVC pipe

  • Vacuum sizing tank for large-diameter PVC pipe

  • Traction machine for large-diameter PVC pipe

Components of the Extrusion Line
This UPVC pipe production line is consisted of conical twin screw extruder, traction machine, vacuum sizing tank, cutting machine, tube flaring equipment for hard PVC pipe and stacking device.
a. Conical twin screw extruder: with unique screw design, the time for the materials to stay in the barrel will not be too long, so the extruder allows for good mixing and plasticizing result; it is suitable for processing PVC powder
b. Vacuum sizing device: it is consisted of vacuum pipe spraying tank,
c. Vacuum sizing device: it incorporates vacuum spray tank and pipe spray cooling tank; all of the parts that may contact with water are made from stainless steel
d. Traction machines: they are available in 2, 4, 6, or 8 arms types; the double crawler tractor is employed to meet production requirements of different plastic pipes
e. Cutting machine: chip-free cutting, sawing, planetary cutting (with chamfer)
f. Stacking device: automatic flap type or wheel type
g. Electronic control: various electronic control systems are provided (including PLC auto control system)

Features & Advantages
The UPVC plastic pipe extruding equipment made by Zeqi is designed with special screw and mold to make the plastic materials easy to be formed. It is characterized by uniform plasticizing performance, high production efficiency, stable running, and easy operation.

In response to clients' specific requirements, Zeqi can prepare double wall spiral pipe, plastic silencer tube, hollow spiral tube, and PVC foam-core pipe for the equipment clients have ordered. The planetary cutting machine is fully controlled by computer, featuring easy operation and stable performance.
Main models available for extruding hard PVC pipe: GF63, GF110, GF250, GF400, GF630, GF800

This plastic extrusion line is comprised of parallel twin screw extruder and some auxiliary pelletizing devices, mainly suitable for pelletizing PE and PP materials added with wooden powder, or various additives. It is competent in producing uniform, compact, and aesthetic plastic granules. Auxiliary machineries of the plastic pelletizing machine include air blowing device to move materials and air cooling system, featuring high automation and high production efficiency.

  • Tube flaring machine

  • Large-diameter PVC pipe

  • PVC drainage pipe

Technical Parameters
Model Pipe diameter Extrusion volume Total Installed Capacity
SJSZ65/132 GF 50-160mm 50-250kgs/hr 100kw
SJSZ65/132 GF 75-250mm 50-250kgs/hr 110kw
SJSZ80/156 GF 200-315mm 100-350kgs/hr 180kw
SJSZ80/173 GF 200-450mm 300-500kgs/hr 245kw
SJSZ92/188 GF 315-630mm 400-750kgs/hr 350kw
SJP130/26 GF 400-800mm 500-800kgs/hr 420kw
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