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PVC Conduit Pipe Extrusion Line, SJSZ Series

Electrical Conduit Pipe Making Machine, Plastic Extruder for PVC Plumbing Pipe, PVC Pipe Extruding Equipment

SJSZ series pipe extrusion line is mainly comprised of conical twin screw plastic extruder, vacuum sizing tank, traction machine, cutting machine, and stacking rack, etc. AC power adjusting device is adopted for the extruder and traction machine. The vacuum pump and traction motor of the plastic extruder are purchased from reliable suppliers. This plastic extrusion machinery is generally applied in producing CPVC electrical conduit. Clients can choose 1, 2 or 4-pipe type extruders basing on their production requirements.

Main Models and Specifications
Model Die head Pipe diameter Output Total power
SJSZ51/105 Double outlet 16-40 mm 50-150kgs/hr 60kw
SJSZ65/132 Quadruple outlet 20-32 mm 50-250 kgs/h r 104kw
SJSZ65/132 Double outlet 20-63 mm 50-250 kgs /hr 104kw

Available PVC Pipe Extrusion Machines

  • PVC conduit 2-pipe extrusion line

  • PVC 2-pipe vacuum tank

  • PVC 2-pipe traction machine

  • PVC 2-pipe cutting machine and stacking rack

a. CPVC Conduit 2-Pipe Extrusion Line
The CPVC conduit 2-pipe extrusion equipment involves a kind of extruder poducing 2 lines of pipes simultaneously with the same die. With the pipe quality ensured, this equipment has largely reduced the total investment, improved the manufacturing capacity and cut on the production cycle.
Pipe diameter: 16mm-40mm;
Total installed power: 60Kw;
Production capacity: improved by 50% comparing with 1-pipe extruder

  • PVC 4-pipe extrusion line

  • Die for PVC 4-pipe line

  • Stacking rack for PVC 4-pipe line

b. PVC 4-Pipe Extrusion Line
This pipe extruder is able to produce 4 pipes at a time with the same die. It helps dramatically to reduce the investment, improve the productivity, and cut on production time.
Pipe diameter: 16mm-32mm;
Total installed power: 76Kw;
Production capacity: increased by 70% comparing with PVC 2-pipe extrusion line

Installing conditions:
Acreage: 16mx1.6m;
Power: 104kw;
Water supply: 2m3/h;
Air supply: 5.5kw air compressor

  • CPVC electrical conduit

  • CPVC electrical conduit

  • CPVC electrical conduit

  • CPVC electrical conduit

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