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PVC-based WPC Crust Foam Plate Extrusion Line

Advertising Board Extruder, Cabinet Panel Extruding Machine, Extrusion Equipment for Decorative End Panel, Furniture Board Extruding Equipment

  • Cutting system

Production line for PVC-based WPC crust foam boards
After being extruded and molded, the materials will be sent directly to a 6m-long bracket for cooling.

Cutting system
The transverse and longitudinal cutting system can effectively guarantee that the plates are cut precisely. It is able to cut at a certain length automatically or manually. Dust collection system is equipped to prevent dust pollution.

PVC based WPC foam plates

PVC based WPC crust foam extrusion line is mainly consisted of parallel twin screw extruder, molds, vacuum sizing machine, and traction machine. This WPC board extrusion line utilizes CELUKA technique to produce WPC crust foam boards, which are of flat and smooth surface, and large hardness and rigidity.

Applications: high-end cabinets, furniture, advertising boards, building decoration materials, automobiles, trains, interior decoration materials, etc.

  • Applications of PVC foam boards in furniture

  • Applications of PVC foam boards in furniture

  • PVC crust foam plates for doors

Features of PVC-based WPC Crust Foam Board
1. The WPC crust foam boards perform well in sound insulation, sound absorption, and heat insulation
2. Flame retardant
3. All kinds of WPC crust foam boards are moisture proof, waterproof, shockproof, and mildew resistant.
4. Extruded under a certain prescription, all series of WPC crust foam boards are still as new after a long time service.
5. This kind of plates is light and easy to be transported.
6. Tools for processing common timber are acceptable
7. It can be processed with drilling, sawing, nailing, and sticking treatment, just like timber.
8. It is suitable for heat forming, heat bending, and folding process.
9. WPC crust foam boards can be welded with common welding process, and bonded with other PVC materials.
10. The WPC boards possess smooth surface, so we can print patterns on it.

Technical Parameters
Model Screw diameter Thickness Max plate width Max extrusion volume
MSSZ80/156 80/156mm 6-20mm 1220mm 400kgs/hr
MSSZ80/173 80mm/173mm 10-30mm/6-20mm 1220/1600mm 600kgs/hr
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