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PP/PS/ABS/PE Sheet Extrusion Line

Extruding Machine for Advertising Panel, Food Packaging Bag Extruder, Extrusion Equipment for Lamp Cover, Cosmetic Tube Extruder

  • PMMA sheet bracket and coiling machine for sheets

  • Dies for ABS sheets and 3-roller calendaring machine

  • PS sheets

  • PP and PS sheets

  • Sheet in coils

This sheet extrusion line is mainly used for producing PP, PS, PE, and ABS sheets. Production of PVC, PMMA, and PC sheets can also be realized simply by changing the dies. For making PET sheets, an auxiliary drying equipment set is needed.
As the demands for plastic sheets are getting stricter, Zeqi has developed advanced 5-layer symmetrical and 7-layer asymmetrical allocation techniques, which allow for superior barrier performance of plastic sheets. Composite high-barrier packaging sheets for preservation have found good applications in packaging jelly, meat, fast food, rice, medicine, and cosmetic, etc.
Sheet thickness: 1-20mm;
Sheet width: 600-1800mm;

Applications: packaging gift bags, advertising fan, paper bags, lamp covers, mouse pad, gift box, food, and producing stationery, gifts, handicrafts, etc.

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