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PE/PPR Pipe Extrusion Line

PP Water Pipe Extruding Machine, Extrusion Equipment for Gas Supply Pipe, PPR Pipe Extrusion Equipment, Plastic Pipe Extruder

Some of our Pipe Extrusion Lines and Finished Pipes

  • Extrusion line for HDPE pipe

  • Extrusion line for large-diameter PE pipe

  • Vacuum sizing tank

  • Spray tank

  • HDPE pipes

  • HDPE large-diameter pipes

Features & Advantages
PE pipe extrusion line is mainly used for producing water supply pipe and gas supply pipe like large-diameter PE pipe, and HDPE pipe. So this set of PE pipe equipment is also called HDPE gas supply pipe/water supply pipe production line.
For our PE/HDPE pipe line, Zeqi has introduced highly-efficient extruder, sizing and cooling system, as well water lubrication and cooling system, to make it competent in guaranteeing the stability of HDPE pipes' dimension and roundness. Both the extruder and tractor are equipped with high-quality speed controller to realize high stability, precision and reliability.
The whole pipe extrusion line is intelligently controlled by a PLC system. With a human-machine interface, all of the parameters can be set through the touch screen easily. We can assemble extruder for producing pipes with marks of umber-black dye.

The PE/PPR Pipe Extruding equipment is applicable in agricultural water pipe, water pipes, cable, and PP, PE, ABS, PPR, PEX, silicon core pipes, etc.

Technical Parameters
Model ZQSJ-45/33 ZQSJ-65 /33 ZQSJ-75/33 ZQSJ-90/33 ZQSJ-120/33 ZQSJ-120/33 ZQSJ-150/33
Auxiliary extruders ZQSJ25/22 ZQSJ25/22 ZQSJ25/22 ZQSJ25/22 ZQSJ25/22 ZQSJ25/22 ZQSJ25/22
Pipe diameter (mm) 16-32 20-125 75-250 160-450 200-500 250-630 315-800
Output (kgs/h) 50-100 120-150 200-350 300-500 500-700 700-900 1000-1300
Total power (kw) 70 150 230 380 4 50 550 800
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