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WPC/PE Pelletizing Machine, MATX series

China Plastic Pelletizer Manufacturer, Pelletizing Extrusion Line for WPC, PVC Granule Making Machine, Waste Plastic Recycling Machine

  • WPC pelletizing line

  • Parallel co-rotating twin screw extruder and electrical cabinet

  • Air cooling system (the extruded materials will be cooled by 3-stage cyclone separator)

  • Discharging port for the WPC/PE granules

MSTX series plastic pelletizing machine is a kind of parallel co-rotating twin screw extruder which adopts element combination structure. By changing the combination style of different parts, the extruder can meet diversified processing requirements. The transmission system of the plastic pelletizing machinery is of compact structure, high rotating speed, large torque output, and stable running. The machine barrel employs double metal sleeve made from wear-resistance alloy A301, featuring a hardness of HRC60-64. We adopt high-speed tool steel W6Mo5Cr4Vo2 for the machine screw, which has been quenched under vacuum state to achieve high abrasion resistance, long life, and lard hardness. Temperature of the extruder barrel is controlled digitally. The extrusion head is equipped with a thermocouple to test the temperature of melted plastic and a pressure sensor to control the extrusion process, making the plastic extrusion machine applicable in processing various materials.

This plastic pelletizing line is comprised of parallel twin screw extruder and some auxiliary pelletizing devices, mainly suitable for pelletizing PE and PP materials added with wooden powder, or various additives. It is competent in producing uniform, compact, and aesthetic plastic granules. Auxiliary system of the plastic pelletizing machine employs air blowing device to move materials and air cooling system, featuring high automation and high production efficiency.

  • WPC granules

  • WPC granules

  • WPC granules

Technical Parameters of the Plastic Pelletizing Line
Model MSTX75 MSTX95
Screw diameter(mm) 73.4 93
Main motor power(kw) 110 250
Max. Extrusion capacity (kg/h) 350-500 650-900
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