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PVC-Based WPC Profile Extrusion Line (One-Step)

WPC Profile Extruder, Industrial Plastic Profile Extruding Equipment, Decking Board Extruder, Wall Cladding Panel Extruder, Municipal Bench Extruding Machine

  • WPC Wall Panel Mold

  • WPC Profile Shaping Die

  • WPC Profile Haul-off unit & Cutting Machine

Our extrusion line for WPC profile employs the unique WPC processing technique and prescription of Zeqi. Taking different material proportion, and different models of WPC twin-screw extruders, accompanied with the corresponding vacuum sizing machine, tractor, sawing machine, material arranging device, and other auxiliary equipment, the extrusion line can produce WPC profiles with different sections or usages.

The tractor is specially developed by Zeqi, possessing stable performance, high reliability, and large tractive force.

A swirl cooling system is introduced for the vacuum sizing machine for the convenience of cooling and molding.

The sawing machine runs synchronously with the tractor. It is designed with the function of cutting automatically at a certain length. Dust recycling device is equipped for the WPC profile extrusion system.

  • Extruding WPC baseboard

  • Eco wood WPC board

  • WPC Door Frame Profile

  • Indoor applications of WPC Profiles(One-Step)

Raw materials:
PVC powder, wood powder, other additives

for producing indoor decoration materials like baseboard, door edge, furniture frame, door frame, window cover, staircase handrails, floors, timber, wood-plastic pipe, etc.

Processing Technique – One-Step Extrusion
a. Principle
One step extrusion means removing the pelletizing step from the extrusion line, and letting the raw materials to be mixed and extruded directly in the equipment. This technique shows advantages of high efficiency, good plasticizing result, and low production cost. It is suitable for indoor decoration materials whose surface need to be precisely treated and don't have to bear heavy load.
Presently, one step extrusion is generally applied in extruding PVC products. But, to accomplish a one-step extrusion line, the requirements upon material prescription, feeding device, molds, extruder, as well as operators' skills are rather high.

b. Diagram
Raw material mixing (wooden powder +PVC powder+ other additives) →WPC production line (conical twin screw extruder →mold →vacuum calibrator→ haul off unit→ fixed length cutting →stacker) → finished products →qualified products →surface treatment →packing →storing
↘waste →crushing →recycling

Technical Parameters
Model MSSZ51/105 MSSZ65/132 MSSZ80/156
Screw diameter (mm) 51/105 65/132 80/156
Main motor power (kw) 18.5 37 55
Maxi width (mm) 180 240 300
Max extrusion capacity (kg/h) 40-140 50-250 180-320
Remarks: specifications and standards are subject to change without notification. One-step PVC production line (PLC controlled)
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