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PVC-based WPC Wall Panel Extrusion Line

Hollow Tile Extruding Machine, Waterproof Wall Panel Extruder, Flooring Board Extrusion Machine, Composite Cladding Sheet Extruder

PVC/based WPC wall panel extrusion line is characterized by automatic control, stable performance, easy operation, and high efficiency. By employing molds with different specifications, we can use this line to produce diversified specifications, sizes, shapes and thickness of WPC decorative wall panels, WPC wall panels, ecological wall panels, etc.

This wall panel extrusion line incorporates conical twin screw extruder, molds, vacuum sizing machine, tractor, horizontal cutting machine, and stacker.

Applications: WPC door panels, WPC wall panels, PVC heat insulation hollow tiles, etc.

Advantages of WPC Wall Panel
As a kind of light composite material, WPC panel shows excellent performance in strength, impact resistance, heat and noise insulation, and resistance to fire, water, and shock. WPC wall panel can be slotted in any styles. It is also environmentally friendly and energy saving.

  • Shown are the molds for extruding WPC wall panels. Concentrated air cooling system is set for the convenience of operation and cooling the extruded panels

  • Double track haul-off unit

  • Transverse chip-free cutting machine with certain cutting length

  • The cutting machine is equipped with a dust collection device to ensure the equipment and air is protected from dust pollution.

  • Transfer printing treatment for the wall panels

  • PVC-based WPC wall panels

  • Indoor applications of WPC wall panels

  • WPC wall panels

Technical Parameters
Model Screw diameter Power of main moor Max panel width Extrusion capacity
MSSZ65/132 65mm/132mm 37 600mm 50-250kgs/hr
MSSZ80/156 80mm/156mm 55 820mm 180-360kgs/hr
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