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HDPE Conduit Extrusion Line

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HDPE conduit extrusion machine is a newly developed product in Zeqi. It is mainly used for making HDPE silicore pipe, a kind of new cable sheathing which features good corrosion resistance, anti-aging, little friction in inner wall, good insulation performance, and convenient construction. HDPE conduit is widely applied in sheathing of fiber-optic cables in highway system, mail system, and military network system, etc.

The HDPE pipe extrusion line is consisted of 3 extruders, extrusion head, cooling and sizing system, traction part, and winding device. With the good characters of high automation, good plasticizing result, long service life, and easy operation, HDPE conduit extruding machinery is rather popular among chemical and building material manufacturers.

Technical Parameters
Extruder model SJ65/33 (outer layer) SJ-45/33 (inner layer) SJ-25/22 (identification mark)
Pipe specification 32/36mm 40/33mm 50/42mm customizable
Production capacity 100~250 (kg/h)
Production speeed 3~12 (m/min)
Traction power 3kw
Traction speed 3~12 (m/min) (adjustable)
Degree of vacume -0.05 ~ -0.07 (Mpa)
Cooling method vacuum spray, soaking
Winding method automatic
Coiling length 2000-3000m
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