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PVC Door/Window Profile / Porous Threading Pipe Extrusion Line

Door Panel Extruder, Ceiling Extrusion Machinery, PVC Panel Extruding Machine, Tile Extrusion Equipment

According to different profile sections and molds, Z-YF series PVC window and door profile extrusion line can be equipped with different specifications of parallel/conical twin screw extruders. Besides, some auxiliary equipment like vacuum sizing station, tractor, cutting machine, and material mixing machine are available. The extrusion volume of the main part, which employs AC or DC variable frequency speed regulator, is optional from 60kg to 700kg. The temperature control instrument of the plastic extrusion machinery is imported from trustworthy brand.

For the traction machine, Zeqi has adopted a unique elevating technique to ensure it runs stably and possesses large traction force. Swirl cooling system and dust collection device is set for the vacuum sizing system, which is able to cut at a certain length automatically. Both the auxiliary vacuum pump and traction motor are from reliable suppliers. Users can use the profile extrusion equipment to make PVC wood foam profiles by changing screw barrels and molds. Its extrusion result is better than that of single screw extruder.

Depending on the molds, users can choose 4m, 6m, 8m, or 11m sizing platforms. The adoption of parallel twin screw extruder makes the profile extruder especially suitable for high-speed extrusion. Two types of electronic control systems are prepared: PLC control and conventional control.

The profile extrusion line is mainly applied in producing PVC/WPC door and window profiles, door frames, window sill, multi cell electrical conduit pipe (4/6/7/9 cells).

  • PVC Casement window

  • PVC Sliding window

  • PVC Profiles

  • PVC profiles for windows

  • Co-Extrusion PVC Window Profiles

  • 9-hole PVC tube

Technical Parameters
Model YF180 YF240 YF300 YF400
Maximum width (mm) 180 240 300 4 00
Extruder model SJSZ51/105 SJSZ65/132 SJSZ65/132 SJSZ65/132
Main motor power (kw) 18.5 37 37 37
Traction speed (m/s) 0-5 0-5 0-5 0-3
Extrusion capacity (kg/h) 40-140 50-250 50-250 50-250
Auxiliary power (kw) 35 35 30 30
Water consumption (m3/h) 6 6 6 9
Air pressure (Mpa) 0.6
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