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PVC Corner Bead Extrusion Line

PVC Profile Extruder, Extrusion Machine for Angle Bead, Extruding Equipment for Renovation Material, China Extrusion Equipment Manufacturer

  • PVC corner extrusion line

  • Punching machine

  • Mold with 4 cavities

  • Production line of PVC beads

  • PVC bead

  • PVC bead

This extrusion equipment is designed for extruding PVC corner bead, which is a kind of PVC profile particularly designed for protecting corners of wall, door and window. As a replacement for the traditional methods to repair wall corner, it has been extensively used for construction, decoration, and wall protection. Upon clients' request, we can equip punching, printing, coding or other additional equipment for the PVC profile extrusion line.

PVC beads, PVC L beads, furniture edge banding, etc.

Technical Parameters
Model Mold Max extrusion volume Motor power Heating power
SJSZ51 one mold with 2 cavities 120kg/h 18.5kw 12kw
SJSZ55 one mold with 4 cavities 160 kg/h 22kw 15kw
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