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PS Foam Profile Extrusion Line, Z-SJ/YF Series

Extrusion Equipment for PS Photo Frame, PS Foam Sheet Extruder, Plastic Strip Extrusion Machine, PS Profile Extruder

  • Production line for PS foam profile

  • Hot stamping machines (printing the customized thermal transfer film onto frame profiles)

  • Profiles for picture frame

  • Profiles for picture frame

  • Profiles for picture frame

  • Picture frame

Z-SJ/YF series PS foam profile extrusion line consists of single screw extruder, co-extrusion machine, cooling tank, traction machine, hot stamping machines, cutting machines, and material handling rack, etc. For the electrical control system of the profile production line, both imported and domestic AC frequency changer is available for option. The imported RKC temperature controller and other elements have largely contributed to the line's plasticizing performance.

The thermal transfer printer is adopted to print the paint on PS foam profiles. It is characterized by aesthetic appearance, stable performance, convenient operation, accurate printing, and large absorption force. By adjusting the handle, we can paint different patterns on the profiles. This printer is generally used in conjunction with plastic extruder, tractor, cutting machine, and other supporting equipment.

Technical Parameters
Model YF100 YF180 YF240
Maximum width (mm) 1 0 0 180 240
Model of extruder SJ 65 SJ 75 SJ90
Co-extrusion machine SJ35 SJ45 SJ45
Thermal transfer printer 8 sets 10 sets 12 sets
Line Speed 2-6m/min 2-6m/min 2-6m/min
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