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Imitation Marble Profile Extrusion line

Extrusion Equipment for Artificial Profile, Renovation Panel Extruding Machine, PVC Panel Extruder

Main Features
Imitation marble profile extrusion line is of compact structure and excellent performance. The screws and barrels are modified and processed from high-quality alloy steel, endowing the profile extrusion line with uniform plasticizing, stable extrusion and long service life. Structured by natural marble power to form a high-density high-fiber foundation, and covered by super abrasion-resistance PVC layer, the artificial marble profiles produced by our extrusion machinery features vivid texture, ultra-high wear resistance, and light but not smooth surface. Besides, they are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The waste profiles can be recycled.

Raw materials: PVC resin, natural stone powder, and other non-toxic additives
Applications: hotels, guesthouses, exhibition halls, hospitals, shopping malls, home decoration, elevator doors, TV backdrop, baseboard, Frieze, closing line, etc.

Hot Stamping
In the hot stamping line, the transfer films are heated to a certain temperature and then stuck to the profile surface. Features of hot stamping are listed below:
a. Hundreds of exquisite patterns are available for the transfer films;
b. Chromatography is in no need for the shaping of each color, allowing for low production cost;
c. Hot stamping technique is of small product loss, high added value, and is a good choice for decoration;
d. Large adhesion force;
e. No pollution

  • UV artificial marble profiles

  • UV artificial marble profiles

  • UV imitation marble profiles for door frames in restaurant

  • UV imitation marble profiles for elevator doors

  • Section of artificial marble profiles

  • Hot stamping treatment for imitation marble profiles

Technical Parameters
Model SJSZ-51 SJSZ-65 SJSZ-80
Main motor power (kw) 18.5 37 55
Screw diameter(mm) 51/105 65/132 80/156
Max width (mm) 180 240 400
Max extrusion capacity (kg/h) 40-140 50-250 180-320
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