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Auxiliary Machines

Plastic Mixing Machine, WPC Brushing Machine, Sheet Embossing Machine, Plastic Crusher

    1. High Speed Cold/Hot Mixer This Mixing system is mainly used in plastic extrusion lines for PVC resin mixing, WPC mixing, polyethylene mixing, polypropylene granules coloring, drying, ABS。
    1. WPC Brushing Machine As a surface treatment device, WPC brushing machine in the plastic extrusion line is mainly used for polishing and deburring treatment for PE, and PVC products.
    1. Embossing Machine In plastic extrusion line, embossing machine is utilized as an auxiliary device to emboss on PE plates, PVC plates, WPC plates, PVC foam sheets, and bamboo floors, etc.
    1. Napping Machine The compacting device is set to ensure that the materials are moved stably and synchronously with the transmission system, instead of being blocked by the drawing device.
    1. Plastic/Rubber Crusher The waste granules can be used directly as materials for plastic extruder, injection machine or pelletizing machine. Plastic crusher is also an auxiliary device for plastic injection line to crush those defectives.