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PVC-Foam WPC Profile Extrusion Line

Outdoor Terrace Extruder, Municipal Bench Extrusion Machine, Highway Noise Barrier Extruding Equipment, Extrusion Equipment for Pathway in Park

  • MSDJ75/25-YF180

  • PLC Control

  • WPC extrusion line, MSDJ50/25-YF150

The technique used in foamed WPC profile extrusion line is called 2-step extrusion, which generally involves pelletizing with conical twin screw extruder, and profile extrusion with single screw extruder. Foamed WPC extrusion line is mainly consisted of single screw extruder, mold, vacuum sizing machine, tractor, stacker, etc. It is widely applied in producing wall panels, partition walls, ceiling panels, sound-absorbing panels, staircase handrails, shutters, base board, etc.
A unique screw design is employed for the extruder to avoid excessive plasticization of the raw materials. The WPC profiles produced by this line feature delicate texture, no deformation, no color fade, and resistance to fire, corrosion, insects, aging and UV.
Besides, co-extrusion and embossing equipment is available upon request.

  • Cooling and molding process for WPC

  • PVC-foam WPC extrusion line

  • WPC curtain

  • WPC baseboard

  • WPC hollow block

  • Indoor decoration with WPC

Processing Technique – Two Step Extrusion
Mixer, WPC (PVC) granules production line, WPC (PVC) profile production line, crusher
Mixer (wooden powder +PVC powder +other additives) → WPC (PVC) granules production line (conical twin screw extruder) → WPC (PVC) granules → WPC(PVC) profiles (single screw extruder) → vacuum calibrator → haul off unit → fixed length cutting →stacker)→ finished products →qualified products → surface treatment →packing →storing)
↘Waste→ crushing →recycling

Technical Parameters
Model MSDJ50/25 MSDJ75/25 MSDJ90/25 MSDJ120/25
Screw diameter (mm) 50 75 90 120
Max width (mm) 100 180 240 300
Main motor power (kw) 7.5 18.5 30 55
Max extrusion capacity (kg/h) 38 80 110 180
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