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Multi-Layer Sheet Co-Extrusion Line

Plastic Sheet Extruder, Extruding Machine for Automotive Panel, Plastic Packaging Board Extrusion Equipment, Advertising Panel Extruder

The multi-layer sheet co-extrusion line is designed with advanced screw and mechanical configuration, applicable in producing various plastic sheets (PP, PE, PS, PC, PET, EVA, and PMMA). To meet clients’ diversified demands, we can offer 2-5 layers co-extrusion line.

1. Extruder
The unique screw design, accompanied with accurate temperature control system, guarantees stable extrusion, good plasticizing, and high output.
2. Screen Changer and Dies
The hydraulic screen changer ensures that the replacement for screens is conducted efficiently and fast. The die head is designed with multi channels to make the raw materials distributed evenly in the dies. The clearance between the die lips is adjustable, and the thickness of sheet is under precise control.
3. Melt pump
It is used for enhance the stability of pressure of the extruder head, improve the output and product quality, reduce the load of extruder, and lower the total cost.
4. Cooling roller
This roller is set for a better material cooling effect. Besides, a sheet edge cutting and recycling equipment is set to ensure the sheets are uniform in size.
5. Cutting machine
High-quality cutting edge and imported bearings ensure the quality of the sheet section and the stable performance of the cutter.

stationery, packaging, automotive, household appliances, advertising, building decoration, environmental protection chemicals, and sanitary ware industries, etc.

Available Extrusion Lines and Parameters
Production lines Width range Thickness range
PET sheet extrusion line 500-1500mm 0.1-1.5mm
PP, PS sheet extrusion line 500-2000mm 0.2-2.0mm
PP, PE stationery extrusion line 500-1500mm 0.15-2.0mm
PVC transparent plate extrusion line 500-1500mm 0.15-2.0mm
ABS, PS sheets for refrigerator and washing machine extrusion line 1000-2000mm 1-6mm
PC, PMMA, GPPS sheet extrusion line 1000-2100mm 1-6mm
PP, PVC thick plates for chemical extrusion line 1200-2100mm 3-30mm
PVC decorative sheets extrusion line 1200-1500mm 1-3mm
PVC foam sheet extrusion line 1200-1500mm 2-20mm
PC, PE, PP hollow sheets extrusion line 1000-2100mm 2-10 mm
PVC, PE anti-drainage materials extrusion line 1200-4000mm 1-6mm
WPC sheet extrusion line 1200-2000mm 2-10mm
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