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Imitation Marble Sheet Extrusion line

Chinese Plastic Extrusion Equipment Manufacturer, Elevator Door Panel Extruder, TV Backdrop Extruding Machine, Extrusion Machinery for Imitation Marble Sheet

This sheet extrusion line is distinguished for stable performance and high efficiency. The PVC products made by this line are of vivid texture, ultra-high wear resistance, and light but not slippery smooth. PVC sheets are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Their applications are wide in areas like home, hospitals, schools, office buildings, factories, public places, supermarkets, commercial, stadium, etc.

Raw materials: PVC resin, natural stone powder, and other non-toxic additives

Applications: for making TV backdrop and elevator door panels, etc.

Advantages of UV Coated Imitation Marble Sheet
1. The sheets are made from natural stone powder, featuring high hardness and no radiation
2. Water transfer printing is employed to make the sheet surface smooth and glossy. The sheet is committed with no color difference and high durability
3. The imitation marble sheets are recyclable
4. High abrasion resistance
5. A variety of colors are available
6. The sheets are easy to be constructed
7. In interior decoration, imitation marble sheet is an ideal replacement for natural marble stone for its resistance to ultraviolet and aging.

Technical Parameters
Model Max width (mm) Thickness (mm) Main motor power (kw) Extrusion capacity (kg/h)
SJSZ80/156 1220 3-5 75 400
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