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Plate/Sheet Extrusion Line

WPC Sandwich Board Extruding Machine, Laminate Panel Extrusion Equipment, Extruding Machine for Indoor Floor, Extrusion Machinery for Door Panel

    1. Engineering Plastic Geocell Sheet Production Line According to the characteristics of raw material and geocell’s optimum physical state in use, engineering plastic geocell sheet production line is improved on the basis of the traditional HDPE geocell sheet production line. It is advanced in many aspects. All the physical indicators of the plastic alloy steel geocells manufactured in the production line reach or exceed the international standard.
    1. PVC-based WPC Wall Panel Extrusion Line As a kind of light composite material, WPC panel shows excellent performance in strength, impact resistance, heat and noise insulation, and resistance to fire, water, and shock.
    1. PP Foam Sheet Extrusion Line Polypropylene foam sheet is featured by little energy consumption, small density, and great performance in shock resistance, thermal insulation and cold resistance.
    1. PP/PS/ABS/PE Sheet Extrusion Line This sheet extrusion line is mainly used for producing PP, PS, PE, and ABS sheets. Production of PVC, PMMA, and PC sheets can also be realized simply by changing the dies.
    1. Multi-Layer Sheet Co-Extrusion Line The multi-layer sheet co-extrusion line is designed with advanced screw and mechanical configuration, applicable in producing various plastic sheets (PP, PE, PS, PC, PET, EVA, and PMMA).
    1. Imitation Marble Sheet Extrusion line Their applications are wide in areas like home, hospitals, schools, office buildings, factories, public places, supermarkets, commercial, stadium, etc.