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Cooperation with China Academy of Science
At the end of 2013, in a project of building a large production base of ecological wood profiles, the Foshan Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences cooperated with Zeqi, and let us to provide all of the production equipment. The plant covers 9000m2 and comes with an annual production capacity of 1000t-10000t. In response to clients' requirements, we are responsible for designing and offering them an equipment procurement plan, as well as a viable implementation program. There are roughly 20 production lines needed. After repeated communication between the partners and 5 months' construction, the project was successively finished.

Service Process
Offering viable implementation plans basing on clients' demands
Designing the layout and operation diagram of the equipment according to clients' construction site
Assisting clients in installing the equipment, and sending mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and mold engineers to adjust the machine and molds for them. Technical training is offered free of charge.

Production Lines Construction
1. Material Mixing Area
To prevent the dust from polluting the workshop, we suggested customers to establish a material mixing area, which is isolated from the production plant. At the same time, to improve the efficiency and utilization of the mixing line, plastic pelletizing line can also be set here.

2. Construction for WPC Extrusion Line
a. The trenches in the plant are set for circulating pool and saving water.

b. Each material mixing system can support several plate production lines. After being mixed, the raw materials will enter the storage tank and then be sent to the hopper by a transmission device. The equipment will not soil the production site.
c. Auto dust removal device is available for each production line to effectively avoid the dust from entering the machine or sticking on products when cutting the materials.

3. Electronic Cabinet
The individual electronic system is set in a ventilated environment to ensure a stable power supply.

4. WPC Production Area

5. Stacking Area
Only little labor is needed to transport the qualified products to the stacking area.

6. Raw Material Formula
We can provide the raw material consumption formula for clients.

7. Technical Training
Training is available in 3 ways:
a. Theoretical knowledge training
We train the operators with working principle and structure of the equipment, and help them to grasp the theoretical knowledge in a short time.

b. Operation training
After the operators have grasped the theoretical knowledge, we will instruct them to operate the machine themselves.
c. Group discussion
Workers are welcome to raise the problems they have encountered during production and seek solutions together. With this whole training process, Zeqi has cultivated a lot of processional operators for clients, thereby improving their efficiency and pass rate.

8. Products Made by our Production Lines

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