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Company Tour

Zeqi has a wide range of products that can be adapted to the specific needs of users. We mainly provide plastic extrusion equipment, pelletizing machine, plastic plate extruder, plastic sheet extrusion machine, and WPC extrusion machinery.

Office Buildings

  • Communicating with clients upon the plastic extrusion products

  • Regular Meetings

  • A Display of Extruded WPC Boards

Production Workshop
Workshop Ⅰ: material cutting and frame manufacturing

Workshop II: machining, planning and milling for major spare parts

  • Cutting

  • Cutting

  • Polishing

  • Welding

Finished Extruding Equipment
The spare parts will be given machining, milling, polishing, drilling, and other treatment to improve their dimensional accuracy and surface smoothness, thus guaranteeing the stability and quality of the finished equipment.

Finished Accessories

Electrical Workshop
Here is the assembly area for electrical cabinets of extrusion equipment. In the whole extrusion line, the importance of an electrical control system is just like that of a heart in human body. So to ensure the service life and security of our equipment, most of the electrical components are purchased from Siemens, ABB, Omron, Schneider, Chint, West Germany, Senlan, and other well-known brands. All of our circuit arrangement is in line with CE- MD: 2006/42EC+LVD: 2006/95/EC standards.

The screws for single-screw extruder and conical twin screw extruder are made from 38CrMOALA. Quenching and high temperature tempering, nitriding as well as hard chrome plating treatments are given for the screw surface to extend their life and enhance their performance in corrosion and wear resistance.

Warehouse for Spare Parts
Those commonly-used spare parts are stored here in classification. All of the accessories are purchased from trustworthy suppliers to ensure the quality of our equipment.

Assembly Plant

Before going to the following processing lines, each assembled workpiece must be inspected to ensure their quality.

Commissioning Area
All of our finished extrusion lines have to pass a commissioning process to see whether they perform as we expected.

Warehouse for Finished Equipment
All of the finished machineries are stacked here in the warehouse, waiting for clients' acceptance.

Client Acceptance
Clients from North America are checking the quality of the WPC profile extrusion line

  • Ecuador Customers are inspecting the WPC Profile Extrusion Line

  • U.K. Customers are checking the Plastic Pelletizing Extrusion Line

  • Clients from Japan are testing the Plastic Extruder

  • Turkish Customers are inspecting the PVC Extrusion Line for Three-Layer seals

Contact Us

Wuhan Zeqi Plastic Machinery Product Co., Ltd.

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