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Developing History

In 1998, under the leadership of Mr. Hu and Mr. Yuan, Wuhan Zeqi Plastic Machinery Product Company was established. We had only 6 people then in the company, and started to produce single-screw extruder, and conical twin-screw extruder in a small factory spanning an area of 200m2.

We developed WPC extrusion equipment and launched it on the market.

The wood-plastic plate extrusion line was successively developed.

This year, for meeting the market's demand and for better development, we moved to Liaoyuan Industrial Park, and expanded the factory to 3000m2. We were staffed by over 40 people that time.

Zeqi joined the China Wood Plastic Association, and became an executive director unit of it, officially starting our business in promoting WPC extrusion line and offering technical support and solutions for clients.

Our WPC extrusion line was listed on the Environmental Protection Equipment Currently Encouraged by the State in 2007. WPC extrusion machinery became our flagship product.

The conical twin-screw polyolefin extruder, which allows for 40% less electricity consumption than other extruders was developed.

PVC foamed profile extrusion line was successively designed and put into production in Zeqi. The same year, we developed the first PP chemical foam board in China and put in into production.

Zeqi moved its factory to Xuguang industrial park, and constructed a new plant covering over 8000m2. The annual production capacity reached 180 sets.

With years' research, the PP physical foam extrusion production line entered commissioning period. The multi co-extrusion profile extrusion line was put into trial production, and the graphite profile extrusion production line was successively developed.

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